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Announcing the Winners of the FRCA

Dynarex is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2017 First Responder Caring Award! The winners were announced at the 2017 EMS World Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 18th. Our winners were carefully chosen by a select panel, and we’re honored to bring their exceptional contributions to light, as well as provide medical supplies for their institutions of choice.


Julie is a community paramedic of Williamson County Mobile Outreach Team. Julie has shown innovation in her role as an EMS community paramedic, when she created a program to incorporate medical and mental health emergency services to address the mental health crisis in her county. We recognize Julie for her selfless dedication and are proud to have her as our first ever FRCA National Winner. Congratulations Julie!



Congrats to Drew Lubber of Freehold Township Ind. Fire Company #1. This summer, Drew was walking his dog when he sprang into action to save the life of an unconscious woman, struggling to breathe. Drew’s efforts on and off duty shows his persistent dedication to the members of his community. Congratulations Drew!



Congratulations to Corina Martinez, of League City Police department, our Southern Regional First Responder Caring Award Winner. Corina worked countless hours rescuing victims at all costs during and after Hurricane Harvey. She gave no thought to the damage of her own home but only how she could save victims in any way possible – including driving, walking, running and kayaking. Corina’s efforts have not gone unnoticed and we are proud to have her as our Southern Regional First Responder Caring Award Winner.



We are proud to award not one – but 5 – members of the Effingham Fire Department : Matt Kulesza, Jim Charters, Jason Lee, Lucas Kroening, Danny Klepzig as our Midwest Regional Winners of the First Responder Caring Award. These five firefighters sprang into action when a citizen was trapped under a semi-trailer. Using a forklift, quick reflexes and their coordinated training, the team worked together to get the victim out from under the semi-trailer and into an ambulance. The efforts of these 5 men exemplify courageous teamwork in a time of crisis. Congratulations Matt, Jim, Jason, Lucas and Danny as well as the entire Effingham Fire Department!



Congratulations to our West Coast Regional First Responder Caring Award Winner, Scott Monji of @HonoluluEMS! Scott has served as a dedicated paramedic of Honolulu for over 25 years. Through his personal hardships, Scott still devoted his time to educating the EMS Teams in his county on Rapid CPR and as a result, single-handedly changed the protocols for Cardiac Arrest in the state of Hawaii. Scott’s lifetime commitment to bettering the EMS practices in Hawaii is why he is our East Coast Regional Winner. Keep up the good work Scott!


We’d like congratulate all of the nominees: your contributions are equally recognized and worthwhile! Thank you for displaying your incredible heroism every day:


Caleb Lovett (Coble Fire Department – Medical Responders)

Kathee Lynne Ivey

Anthony Matuszky (Whitney Hostetter VFD)

Gary K. Fredrick (Bristol-Kendall F.P.D)

Debbie Singleton (South Jefferson Rescue Squad, Inc)

Alexis Miller (Calvary Ambulance)

Kevin Giasullo

Captain Jim Sellers & Bobby Spurlock

Keith Thumann

Matt Kulesza, Jim Charters, Jason Lee, Lucas Kroening, Danny Klepzig

L Jay Geist and Andover Fire-Rescue

Lisa M. Camp (Friendswood Volunteer Fire Department Inc.)

Richard Rhodes (Abbeville Fire/Rescue)

Guillermo Perez Chagerben

Russell Stinson

T.A. Sampson (West Fork Arkansas Volunteer Fire Department)

Elliot Goldstone

Eric J. Nelson (Orleans Volunteer Fire Department)

Glenn Skala III

Erik Franco (Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Malibu Search and Rescue

Kristen Thorstenson

Gary Watts (Richland County Coroner\’s Office)

Christina Webb

Jeffrey B. Dupan

North Milton Keynes and Villages Community First Responders

Steven A Munson

Connie Lisowe

John Fortner and Victoria Ragoonath

Akron Fire Department and Akron Police Department

United Rescue Jersey City (Asheenia Johnson)

United Rescue Jersey City (Jeremy Goodin)

John Baker

Jennifer Ladd

Darlene Quinlan

Wade Davis

Joseph Fortis

Douglas County Armour Ambulance Service

Victor Rothstein

Amir Maklad

Mary Sidell

Kerstii Beatrice Groce

Chris Goshea (Alstead, Walpole, and Winchester Police)

Shane Spielvogle (North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue Community Paramedicine Program)

Joe Peters (Company: Adrian)

Kristel -Lynn Mock+A49ler (Norwood EMS/ Old Tappan FD)

Amanda Newby, Bob Bancroft, Kevin Garneau, Kevin Jones

Steve Plants (East Poweshiek Ambulance Service)

Chief Lonnie Kuhn (Corinth Volunteer Fire Department)

Corina Martinez (League City Police Department)

Dena M. Adkins (Skagit County Fire District 6)

Shawn Phillips (Tamaqua EMS Responder Company: Tamaqua Community Ambulance Assn, Inc)


Captain Charles Cerrutti, Firefighters Liam Gilliland & Scott Martin (Marblehead Fire Department)

Charles Strokes (Rockingham Rescue)

Melodie Kolmetz (Bergen Fire Department, Inc.)

Kari Phair (Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad (aka Summit EMS)

Medical Staff at Special Olympics Michigan

Joseph Laucella

Barry Bachenheimer (Roseland Volunteer Fire Department)


Read the FRCA feature in the Herald&Review here – we’re so proud to bring your contributions to light, Effingham Fire Department! 


We’re so proud of all of the FRCA winners – you are true heroes! Learn more about the amazing ceremony  (and see more amazing pictures) HERE:  


New Products Released for November

Dynarex never stops innovating to bring the very best medical supplies to you. Our newest product launch for November proves that we truly have your patients and customers in mind when expand our offerings. We’re so excited to present our first foray into disposable scrubs, available in all sizes for the first time! Read on for more of our new products.

We’re proud to introduce several new personal care products for November!

Specimen Bags

Our specimen bags are ideal for transport and handling for delicate, sensitive, or biohazardous items. A zip closure keeps your item secure and sanitary. The two-pouch design separates patient documents from the specimen, keeping your paperwork clean and safe! Offered in two popular sizes, our specimen bags are idea for physician, hospitals, and nursing home.
View the Sell Sheet here.

Patient Belongings Bag


Patient Belongings bags are often overlooked. Our bags are convenient, durable, and offered in clear and white. The drawstring enclosure keeps items secure, and the “Name” and “Room” personalization options keeps belongings easily identifiable.
View the Sell Sheet here.

Disposable Scrubs

Our scrubs stand out from the rest in so many areas: comfort, durability, price, and more! The breathable material is fluid-resistant, and the fit is available in a variety of sizes to suit your whole team. Pants are available in both drawstring and elastic closures.  Change the way you scrub TODAY!
View the Sell Sheet here.

Foldable Mat

This versatile mat is ideal for absorbing impact and preventing injuries, particularly bedside. Beveled edges allow wheelchairs and equipment  to easily roll over, and the mat is conveniently foldable for easy storage. Looking for an easier, space-saving way to prevent injuries and absorb shock? The foldable mat is a perfect choice.
View the Sell Sheet here.

Zip Closure Plastic Bags

Our plastic bags are far from typical: where flimsy bags fail, our boast incredible durability. The convenient bags are easily re-closable for storage, and are emblazoned with a write-on block for easy labeling. With multiple sizes to choose from, you never have to settle for a  plain old sandwich bag again.
View the Sell Sheet here.

Biopsy Punches

Dynarex is pleased to offer a revolutionary product: Biopsy Punches in a variety of sizes for a range of procedures. Enjoy more control than ever before with our seamless, stainless-steel design and ribbed handle. Sizes range from .0 mm to 8.0 mm, with a mixed box available featuring 5 sizes (5 per size per box). Learn more:
View the Sell Sheet here.


Our constant innovation, coupled with our consistent quality assurance and customer service, are what sets Dynarex apart. For all of your medical supplies needs, choose Dynarex, your one-stop medical products brand since 1967.


New Products for October

Here at Dynarex, we’re constantly looking to come up with new products for our dedicated distributors, partners, and customers. We take pride in providing various marketing programs and innovative products to those who place their trust in our brand’s superior quality. We do this by constantly updating our product offerings to include anything and everything today’s modern facility would need to provide their best service. This month’s brand new offerings reflect our mission to truly be your one-stop-shop for medical supplies that span many market segments.

We’re proud to introduce several new personal care products for October!

DynaSoap™ Antibacterial Soap

We’ve created the ultimate germ-fighting machine in DynaSoap, a fresh new product created with the modern facility in mind. The convenient 7.5 oz bottle contains a pleasant, Cherry Blossom scented solution that’s gentle enough for everyday use, but strong enough to keep your patients and staff germ-free.

View the sell sheet HERE.

New Personal Care Items

Dynarex is thrilled to present several of brand-new personal care items to add to our current product line. These items are crucial to any patient caregiver. As always, every item is backed by the Dynarex Promise of quality, style, and comfort. Here are a few of our new personal care items:

  • Large Handle Comb
  • Adult Toothbrush
  • Denture Brush
  • No-Rinse Shampoo
  • No-Rinse Shampoo Cap

View the Sell Sheet HERE.

SannyTize™ Hand Sanitizer

Our top-of-the-line hand sanitization formula eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria in a matter of seconds, while moisturizing skin for a fresh, clean feel. Offered in a variety of sizes and forms, this new product line can work throughout many different market segments, from convenient hand wipes for tattoo parlors to physician offices to sizes for nursing homes and surgical centers.

View the sell sheet HERE.

Venturi Masks (Adult & Pediatric)

Patient care facilities like hospitals and or surgical centers are constantly supplying oxygen to those in need. Looking for a safer, more sanitary method of delivering concentrated oxygen? Discover Venturi Masks by Dynarex. Each disposable mask arrives with a facial apparatus, oxygen tube, plus six color-coded dillutors for varying degrees of oxygen flow.

View the sell sheet HERE.
Have any questions about our new products? Speak to a representative today by calling 1-888-DYNAREX or send us an email at info@dynarex.com. We look forward to speaking with you!

Dynarex Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month


One in eight women (and 1 in 1000 men) will develop invasive breast cancer within their lifetime. The statistic is startling, and yet to some the severity of the issue is unknown and funding for research is still needed. For these reasons, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

This October, Dynarex is going pink to support breast cancer awareness month. We are encouraging our distributors to promote Dynarex products that are pink or have pink packaging, and we are supporting the American Cancer Society through our Dynarex Cares program.

Take a look at the pink sales sheet for all of our pink medical products tailored to support this important cause. Here you will find baby powder, hypodermic needles, flow dips, as well as other dental and personal care products from Dynarex, your one-stop medical products brand since 1967.

What are you doing to support this cause and spread awareness this month?

Dynarex cares like family, and we want to hear from you. If you have medical product needs or questions please call 1-888-DYNAREX (396-2739) or contact us online.

Dynarex Supports Nursing National Development Week

Nursing Professional Development Week takes place September 24-30th. How will YOU celebrate?

Dynarex is proud to support this initiative created by the ANPD (Association for Nursing Professional Development) to recognize the amazing work done by nursing professional development practitioners nationwide.

During this week, we encourage our partners, distributors, and customers to celebrate the achievements of their staff. Why not host an educational event for your nurses on professional development?

You can use the materials provided by ANPD to help plan your celebration – check out the NPD Week Toolkit HERE. Here are some of the highlights of the toolkit. Ready to get inspired for your NPD Week celebration?


  1. NPD week contest: which department has the best decorating chops? Submit your photos to info@anpd.org for the chance to win a $100 prize!
  2. Show some spirit with ANPD merch. All are available for purchase right HERE.
  3. Register your department for a free NPD Week webinar. Gather the troops, grab some snacks, and enjoy a fascinating Webinar by Michele Deck.
  4. Spread the word throughout your departments. The toolkit provides an email template you can blast to the company, or you can simply rally the team for a fun intro huddle.
  5. Pull some graphics from the toolkit and promote the week on social media! By spreading awareness about this amazing event, you can ensure it gets the proper recognition it deserves.

We at Dynarex pride ourselves in supporting the nursing community by providing top-notch wound care and nursing medical supplies to our distributors. We’ll keep you posted on our activities, and encourage you to share your efforts with us on social media! Remember: professional development for your nurses is of huge importance – give it the attention and recognition it deserves.

Dynarex Introduces the DynaRule Bullseye Measuring Guide

Measuring a wound is extremely important when staging a pressure injury. Reimbursement is impacting facilities with hospital-acquired conditions. Documentation is a facility’s number one defense to ensure reimbursement for existing pressure injuries upon arrival at your facility. Documenting the size and depth helps clinicians determine if the wound is healing.  Measuring the wound width, length and depth is done with a measuring guide or a tape measure and cotton tip applicator. Measure the wound Length from 12 to 6 on the clock and the width from 9 to 3 on the clock.

Photo reference:  nursece.com


Which produces does Dynarex offer?

The DynaRule Bullseye Measuring Guide includes a disposable measuring guide and retractable tape measure.

What unique features does the measuring guide provide?

  • Disposable, transparent sheet makes wound measuring safe, quick, sanitary, and accurate.
  • Measures wound diameter in centimeters—up to 10 cm.
  • Straight rulers are calibrated in inches and centimeters along the edge.
  • Permits easy length, width and diameter measurement of any wound.
  • Patient’s name and date included on the sheet for documentation.

What unique features does the Retractable Tape Measure Provide?

  • The easily retractable tape measure makes the tool pocket-friendly and easily transportable.
  • Measures up to 72″ or 182 cm.
  • Flexible tape makes for easier reading.

By using these measuring tools together, your medical team is well-equipped to quickly and easily take note of key metrics in the patient’s case and determine the right treatment or proper reimbursement information for your facility.
View the sell sheet here, as well as the product page on our site. Don’t forget the many general and advanced wound care products Dynarex offers. Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more about this product.

Black Tattoo Bibs are versatile and popular with Tattoo Shops!

Whether you’ve got five tattoo customers or 500, the best supplies should be your first priority. Black Tattoo Bibs are helpful with keeping work areas clean and safe for your customers and artists. To provide your customer with sanitary products, your one-stop shop is Dynarex.

Useful for tattoo parlors, Dynarex 2-ply paper bibs have the quality and comfort your customers have come to expect. When your customers come in for body art, piercings, or other modifications, they want to know you care about their hygiene and wellness. Not only will these bibs put them at ease, they will also feel the edgy, artful ambiance of your tattoo parlor. Our regional warehouses stay stocked with inventory, so your order of black bibs will arrive at your shops from anyone of our national distributors.

If you’re searching for the best products to stock your shelves with at your tattoo parlor, these black bibs are a great starting point. Dynarex’s knowledgeable customer service representatives can also suggest other products like:  Black Arrow Latex Gloves, Black Rubber Bands, Grommet Nipples, and Ink Cups. In order to best impress and serve your customers and artists, some of our medical grade tattoo parlor supplies come in edgy packaging. We know you want your shop to look sanitary, but not boring. And Dynarex has more of this special packaging for future products!

Dynarex knows quality, service, and your market

We pride ourselves on our educated and passionate customer service representatives. Any questions you might have about your tattoo parlor products, please feel free to ask and have them answered. We treat you like family – the quality of our service mirrors the quality of our products! We’d love to help with more of your Tattoo supplies – go online to see the Dynarex Tattoo Catalog for more product offerings!  For our newest tattoo product, black tattoo bibs, they also come in several other colors! If you’d like to make a purchase, or just learn more about all the supplies we have to stock your Tattoo shop with, please call 1-888-DYNAREX (396-2739) for your local distributor, or contact us online.

First Responder Caring Award Recognizes Real Life Heroes


In May of this year, Dynarex announced a new initiative. We’ve kicked off the First Responder Caring Award. It’s time that the first responders – EMT, EMS, fire, police, and paramedics – were acknowledged for their outstanding commitment to their field, their service to their communities, and the world at large.


The initiative was launched during National EMS Week, which was May 21-27. At Dynarex, everything we do exemplifies our character statement of “We Care Like Family.” We want to hear from you about heroic first responders and how they have helped your community–or even saved your life! We have a panel of independent judges, as well as some folks from the Dynarex team, who hear your stories and choose a First Responder Caring Award winner.

Unsung heroes deserve more praise


We know first responders are out there in the world and on the ground saving lives every day. It’s all too easy to forget that these heroes are people, and it can be hard to find appropriate ways to recognize them that will effectively highlight their priceless contributions. To award this excellence, Dynarex will give the winner $5,000 in medical supplies. Each regional semi-finalist will receive $1,000 in medical supplies, which can be donated to a charity of their choice – or even to their own unit! We will announce the winner at a huge industry event – the EMS World Expo Show – in Las Vegas on October 18th. The first responder that wins the award will have name recognition throughout the entire industry.

To enter, simply write a quick essay, explaining the story about your beloved first responder. We want to hear what a superhero they are! Click HERE to enter today!

The deadline for essay entries is September 30th, 2017.

Dynarex cares like family, and we want to hear from you. If you have medical supply needs or questions about the contest, please call 1-888-DYNAREX (396-2739) or contact us online.

We’re Shaking Things Up With New Tattoo Products


To find today’s greatest art, you only need to look at your arm, ankle, wrist, or back. Tattoos have exploded in popularity, and we want to make sure your tattoo parlor is the safest place for customers to get body art, piercing and other modifications done. Dynarex has an entire line of tattoo products, and we’ve extended our highest quality, medical grade standards to this market segment, as well. As a leader of disposable medical supplies since 1967, we know how to provide excellent service and products for all types of needs. And we’re excited to help stock up your tattoo parlor with all the products you use every day. Your tattoo artists and customers will be satisfied, and you’ll be able to better take care of your bottom line.

Three new additions to our tattoo product line continue our history of excellence

We have black tattoo bibs and black gloves in both latex and nonlatex, but there are some more new products we know you’ll want on your shelves. Made for tattoo skin preparation through cleanup, Dynarex Green Soap is specifically designed to be used before, during, and after tattoo procedures. Prepare your stencil, use Dynarex Green Soap that’s been diluted with water, and then apply your stencil to the skin. This product is concentrated and aromatic and provides versatile usage in your tattoo parlor. It can also be used for cleaning all your apparatus and instruments before you begin the sterilization process. Buy our 16-ounce bottles by the dozen, or purchase our gallon units in cases of four.

Preventing contamination and ink splatter is key to your success as a tattoo parlor, and we want to make that easy for you. Dynarex Tattoo Plastic Products (make this a link)include chair and headrest covers, tray sleeves, cord and bottle covers, and machine bags. Reducing the need for disinfectants, the chair and headrest covers will keep your seat surfaces in good shape and can prevent fabric wear, as well. Cord and bottle covers and machine bags can keep your equipment clean and can elongate the life of your instruments while also preventing cross-contamination.

In response to much demand, we have added Dynarex Black Rubber Bands to our inventory as well. These help keep tattoo needles in place while in use. Made of high-quality rubber and specifically designed for tattoo needles, we have added these to our array of tattoo products so we can be your one-stop shop for medical grade disposable items.

From black bibs to machine bags, we want to stock your shop with the very best quality Tattoo products. At Dynarex, we care about you like family and are here to help you with all your tattoo parlor needs. Call us at 1-888-DYNAREX (396-2739) for a local distributor, or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tattoo Hygiene: Keeping Your Body and Artwork Safe

When someone decides to get a tattoo, they are probably far more occupied with thoughts of the look of their new body art. However, safety is also a primary concern for most tattoo clients. Of most importance is hygiene. Without it, individuals can be injured or killed due to transferable pathogens permeated in unsterile equipment and unhygienic work environments. At Dynarex, we have equipment and items to support tattoo hygiene. Aside from ointments and dressings to protect the skin and wound site after penetration, other hygiene products assist tattoo artists and other body art practitioners in maintaining a sterile environment. In this environment, clients can feel as comfortable about their new tattoo as they are excited.

For the Professional
To protect the tattoo artist from harm, safety products are used to ensure procedures are being conducted in a hygienic way. Face masks, barrier films, and bibs all have comforting textures, but most importantly, they can provide protection for the body art professionals. Procedure masks, such as face masks, provide protection for the face and eyes against pathogens contained in bodily fluids. Barrier films and bibs also protect the tattoo artist from exposure to dangerous and deadly pathogens.

For the Client
Specific products are used to sterilize the environment for clients, which include half and full chair covers, headrest covers, tray sleeves, and machine bags. These covers eliminate exposure to pathogens, helping to prevent cross-contamination and to make cleanup effortless. Sharps containers are used to make for easy disposal. Once an individual receives a tattoo, much will need to be done in terms of at-home care, but there are also products that ensure the tattoo heals in a healthy and hygienic way when at home too.


Dynarex provides tattoo artists and body art professionals with safety products that are dedicated to tattoo hygiene. For individuals that love to display their personality and creativity through tattoos, there are many products that can help maintain a hygienic space for body art to thrive. Check out our Tattoo Catalog on-line to see all of our products.
*Information provided about Dynarex products should be considered as general guidelines to product usage and none of the information is intended to be construed as medical advice. Medical conditions should be evaluated and treated by licensed practitioners. Please see your local wound care clinician for treatment of your wound.*