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Nebulizer Kits

  • All nebulizers come with 7 ft (2.1m) oxygen tubing
  • Provides fast and effective medication delivery
  • Medication capacity of 5 cc/ml is conveniently graduated on medication cups
  • Locks with ¼ turn and is spill proof
  • HCPCS Code - A7003

    Item No. Description Quantity Download Image
    5601 Nebulizer, 7ft, Oxy Tubing, "T" Pc, Mouth Piece 50/Cs HiRes LoRes
    5602 Nebulizer, 7ft, Oxy Tubing, "T"Pc, Mouth Pc, 6" Aero tubing 50/Cs HiRes LoRes
    5603 Nebulizer,7ft,Oxy Tubing, Ped Aerosol Mask, Elongated 50/Cs HiRes LoRes
    5604 Nebulizer,7ft,Oxy Tubing, Adt Aerosol Mask, Elongated 50/Cs HiRes LoRes
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