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Dynarex Warranty Program

Dynarex offers a limited warranty on a selected group of products for a specified period of time. If the product does not function properly within the limited warranty period, Dynarex will take back the product through the distributor that it was purchased from. The product will be inspected for any abuse or physical damage which is not covered under the limited warranty. If the product is not abused and doesnt perform to its proper function, Dynarex will repair or replace the product.

Products Covered:
Dynarex offers a limited warranty for following medical device product(s) against defects in materials and workmanship for a period that is specified below:

Products Warranty Time Period
5605 Elite Compressor Nebulizer Three-Year Limited Warranty
5606 Portable Compressor Nebulizer Three-Year Limited Warranty
7081 Universal Bed/Chair Alarm One-Year Limited Warranty
7083 Bed Pad - 30" x 5" One-Year Limited Warranty
7084 Bed Pad - 30" x 10" One-Year Limited Warranty
7085 Chair Pad - 14" x 10" One-Year Limited Warranty
7082 Personal Alarm One-Year Limited Warranty
7088 Finger Pulse Oximeter One-Year Limited Warranty
7089 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter One-Year Limited Warranty
5610 Economy Digital Thermometer One-Year Limited Warranty
5611 Digital Thermometer One-Year Limited Warranty
5612 Infrared Ear Thermometer 18-Month Limited Warranty
5613 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 18-Month Limited Warranty

Returned product(s) from an authorized Dynarex distributor will be accepted if the product is under the warranty period listed or the product does not function upon opening the initial untampered/damaged product packaging. The warranty period begins on the original receipt date from time of purchase. A warranty card included in every package and must be filled out and sent to Dynarex Corporation directly from the end-user. Warranty cards are also posted on the Dynarex website for easy access. The limited warranty is void if the product failure has resulted from accident, abuse, misapplication, modification, improper calibration by the customer, any improper use, or unauthorized maintenance or repair. Customer abuse is not covered under any Dynarex warranty.

Product Repair & Replacement:
If the product(s) repair is required, the product must still be under warranty. The product can be returned to Dynarex to repair at no charge to the customer. The customer must have sent in their warranty card validating their purchase. If not, Dynarex reserves the right to decline the product repair. If the product cannot be repaired, Dynarex will replace the product with the same or equal value product at no charge to the customer. Dynarex keeps these records on file.

Return Product Authorization:
The customer must obtain a return product authorization from an authorized Dynarex Distributor through our Dynarex QA Department before returning any product(s) for repair or replacement. Customers can obtain this authorization once a quality compliant is issued on the product to Dynarex.

Disclaimer: Dynarex will make every effort to inform our customers of any changes made to a specific product, catalog copy or marketing collateral material. Dynarex cannot be held responsible for these changes. Dynarex reserves the right to make changes to the technical specs, dimensions, look or any other product change at any time without prior notice except as required by the US FDA Code of Federal Regulations for changes made to medical devices, OTC drugs and other foreign government regulations. Please note:  All products on the Dynarex website may not be licensed in all countries. Customers are hereby directed to consult with their Customer Services Representative before placing a purchase order.

Product sizes may vary slightly based on production tolerances using the metric system and are stated for marketing purposes only.

Information provided about Dynarex advanced wound care products should be considered as general guidelines to product usage and none of the information is intended to be construed as medical advice. Medical conditions should be evaluated and treated by licensed practitioners. Please see your local wound care clinician for treatment of your wound.

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